Island Stalker

6th July 1746.


John MacArthur                               Son to Alexander McArthur, the Lady’s Bowan & now Invernahyle’s servant.


Euan McColl                       Appin’s herd

Paul More McColl            Appin’s servant. This man was a gun merchant. He dealt Callum Bane in Portnacroish and always sold him the arms he brought home.


John Bane McIlmichael
(Carmichael)                      Boat Carpenter

Donald McDonald            Servant to Angus McDonald, Walk Millar.

John McDonald                 The Walk Millar’s son in law.


Alexander Stewart          Tenant

Donald Stewart                 His son.

Donald Stewart                 In Taycharnan, Tenant and Changekeeper.

Sorle McColl                       Son to Donald McCollan. Idle man.

John McColl                        Son to Sorle McColl. Tenant and now prisoner in Island Stalker.

Duncan McColl                  His other son.

John McColl                        Fidler. Tenant.

John McIntyre                   Tenant.

Donald McIlmichael
(Carmichael)                      Weaver in Annaid of Kenlochlaich who was post between the Rebel and this country.


Duncan McColl                  Auchnacone’s present herd

Duncan Bane McIntyre  Old Saunders Stuart herd.


John McInlea                     Young Invernahyle’s Bowan


Sorle McColl                       Son to Euan McColl. Old Invernahyle’s Bowan.

Donald McColl                   His brother. He served his father as a herd


John Bane McLearan      Servant to Lauchlan McLearan. Tenant.


Angus McDonald              Young Invernahyle’s herd.

Donald Stewart                 Herd to old Invernahyle.

John McIlmichael
(Carmichael)                      Herd to old Invernahyle.

Glen Duror

Euan Roy McColl               Lives with his brother John Dou McColl and has no business.


Donald McIntyre              Tenant.

John More McIlchattan Tenant.

Angus McIlchattan          His brother and servant to John Roy McIlchattan



John McColl                        Son to Euan McCol, workman to Fasnacloich. He has a fine gun.


John McInnish                   Servant to young Fasnacloich.

John McKenzie                 Sailor and servant to Charles Stuart Notar.

Callum McInnish               Shoemaker.

Donald McInnish              Servant to old Fasnacloich.

Euan McLearan                 Millar.

John McIlhavish                Son to Neil McIlhavish, Millar. An Idle man.


Euan Bane McLearan      Servant to Duncan Campbell Barcaldine’s brother.

Duncan McLearan            His other servant.

John McLearan                 Brother to the above Duncan. An idle man.

Euan McColl                       Herd to John Glass.

John McColl                        His son. Another of John Glass’s herd.

Duncan McEuen Dou McColl       Herd to John Glass

Euan McCallum vic Euen viv, Ian Roy McColl         In Glenetive. An idle man.


Duncan McColl                  Has a croft.

Duncan Bane McIlmichael
(Carmichael)                      Sailor.


John McColl                        Servant to William Stuart, Ardsheal’s cousin.

Allan Stuart
(Allan Breck Stewart)     Deserted from Cope’s army and now with Ardsheal.




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