Short compilation of hidden treasures in Appin

Treasure Tree

On a Knoll above Shian, known as Tir-a-chlaonaidh, there still remains the ruins of the old residence of the Maclachlans, whose freehold marched with Airds on one side and with Invernahyle on the other.

Before joining the Stewarts in the ’45 Rising, they wrapped the family treasure in a cowhide and buried it under a tree in the wood, which they marked with the hatchet. On the way home they noticed that their action had been observed. They returned therefore and hacked each tree after the same manner as the treasure tree.

Two of the Maclachlan brothers returned from Culloden, to find their lands forfeited and added to Airds. The trees having all been marked alike, the treasure remains unclaimed to this day, for no one knows which is the Treasure tree.

Hidden Gold

There is also a tradition that in the hollow, behind today’s Episcopalian Church known as Lag-na-foil, is the hiding place of gold, wrapped in a cows hide and buried out of the reach of Cumberland’s troops, during the time they occupied Castle Stalker. The gold was never afterwards recovered and lies there to this day.

The Cave of Pretty Stones

North of Appin House, in one of the hills above Pollanach, is ‘Uamh-nan-clacha-boidheach’ (The cave of the pretty stones). About 1855 an inner cave was discovered; on a shelf of rocks lay a kilt suit and a comb. The comb crumbled into dust on being touched. The suit had been much worn and was faded. This was doubtless another link with Culloden and reveals the place of refuge of a fugitive from that fatal field.


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