Come with me and wander through the bonnie Highland glens

See the golden sunrise on the humble heather bens

O’er the mist” moor and on the summer’s dewy morn

Come see the pride of Scotland in the bonnie lands of Lorne

The majesty of Morvern at the sunset’s even glow

Still the silent grandeur and the splendors of Glencoe

The thrill of dawning chorus, hear the curlew call

And the mavis singing praises to the bonnie lands of Lorne

The white mists shrouding picture by lone Loch Etive’s shore

Bravely soars the eagle o’ er the crags of Buchaille Mor

The singing tumbling shadows of the tide at Lora Falls

Scenes from Scotland’s grandeur in the bonnie land of Lorne

There’s a friendly welcome waiting and many joys to share

In the lands of rugged mountain and the loch of crested wave

Where the highland hearts are loyal and fervent is their song

As they praise and laud beauties in the bonnie Land of Lorne ‘

Tho’ the world holds many wonders and though far and wide we roam

When life’s twilight hour is closing and the race is nearly o’ er

Haste me then to highland homeland, lay me there to wait the dawn

Let the trumpet rally wake me in the bonnie land of Lorne

Not for me the English roses be they fragrant fresh and fair

They are not the highland emblem that should grace my lowly grave

Plant instead the purple heather, let its blooming bed adorn

And diffuse its scented fragrance o’ er the bonnie lands of Lorne

Allan Livingston


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