he twilight hours on Creran’ s shore

Bring memories from the long ago

Where the mountains meet the sea

There my thought will always be

Lads and lassies lingered there

With welcome cheer and laughter gay

Our simple joys were freely shared

Long long ago

There now the joys that once we knew

Where now the friends once staunch and true

Gone as passing summer showers

Gone and never will return

Like the gentle wave that laps the shore

Its ripples spread and is no more

But memories are my treasure store

From long long ago

The peaceful hours at close of day

The hilltops glow in sunset ray

The hush that falls at eventide

This magic hour all nature smiles

music in the breeze

Mystic voices calling me

Speakers from the past are near

From long long ago

The passing year their changes brings

The past is dead, the present lives

Gone now the happy hours we spent

And youthful years in sweet content
So long ago, so far away

Nostalgic thoughts of bygone days

Fond memories will never fade

From long long ago

Oft in silent reverie

Pictures from the past I see

Visions clear of olden times

Of the joys that once were mine

Up the glens and down the braes

My lass and I spent happy days

God walking with us and blest our ways

Long long ago

Allan Livingston


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